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The Crypto "VPN".

Fast, private and affordable blockchain nodes. Our solution offers a convenient pricing model, top-notch performance, and complete anonymity.
no sign ups & crypto-only.

Available networks

    We're really about convenience.

    No logs.

    We have a strict no-log policy to ensure your data remains private. This means we do not store any user data except for your API key and its expiration.

    No API credits.

    Forget about complex calculations and restrictions. We provide proven pricing models that give you a predicable cost for your project.

    No sign-up.

    Why should you have to register when you have a Web3 wallet? Simply connect, and pay with your crypto.

    Premium Plan

    For your next Web3 project or the frequent trader.

    Example use cases: sniper trading, MEV bots, high-frequency trading, large blockchain apps

    $5 /month or ~$1.92*10-6 /second

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    What's included:

    • 50 requests per second
    • Unlimited requests
    • Maximum privacy
    • Websockets

    Elite Plan

    For the large-scale availability-critical applications used by huge audiences.

    Example use cases: data mining, machine learning, enterprise-grade apps

    $80 /month or ~$3.086-5 /second

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    What's included:

    • 1000 requests per second
    • Unlimited requests
    • Maximum privacy
    • Websockets

    Launch your own blockchain?

    Running your own blockchain requires working as a node operator which can be time-consuming and require expertiese in systems administration. We work with both private and public blockchain networks to facilitate their accessibility around the clock.

    If you or your company are running or planning to operate your own blockchain, consider offloading the responsibility to a team of professionals. We will run your blockchain on proprietary hardware applying the same care and principles as to any other large chain.

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    Looking for something special?

    We're ready to assist the most crazy ideas that you have. As node operators, we have access to proprietary hardware, software and are capable of realizing anyones Web3 dreams. Whether it would be assistance for creation of dApp, a simple consultation or just a good chat. We're here for it.

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